Yo Quiero Inca Wall

One of the really neat parts about being in Cusco with my mother was that every once in awhile she would remember something from 30 years ago, or comment on how much things had changed since she had been here last. One morning we were on a mission to find the hotel that she and my father stayed at when they visited Cusco for my father’s AID project. She remembered two things. That it was somewhere just off the main square and that some of the walls of the hotel were actually original Inca walls that had been incorporated into the building. After about 30 minutes of turning off streets from Plaza de Armas, we doubled back and saw a small sign hanging outside along an Inca wall. “Loreto Botique.” Could this be it? Yes!!

DSC03677WWe tried to explain in broken Spanish that my mother had stayed there 30 years ago several times and always had a double room on the first floor with an Inca wall. Since that time it had become a slightly more expensive “boutique” hotel but we decided to book a triple room for our last night in Cusco for sentimental reasons. The receptionist asked that we send an email to reservations, and since the rooms on the second floor had normal walls, to make sure that we included, “Yo quiero Inca wall.” This of course quickly became a reoccurring phrase on our trip.

DSC00816WWe swiftly made the reservation and then weeks later when we returned to Cusco for our last night together, our triple with Inca wall was waiting for us. It was a beautiful room, and the Inca wall was very impressive and Erik and I were pretty excited about it.

DSC00818WWe then went out for Pisco Sours to celebrate and had a wonderful last night together as my mother’s journey through Peru came full circle.


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