The Voyage Home

Well, this is it. We’re headed home. After 54 weeks of traveling around the world, we’re going back to the States. Once we get back, and settled, maybe I’ll post to reflect on the amazing journey we’ve taken (or maybe not). But for now, here it is, the voyage home.

November 8th, 6:30 AM : Wake up in Puerto Lopez, on the southeast coast of Ecuador.

7:36 AM : Run to catch the bus to Guayaquil that is pulling out of the station and was supposed to leave at 7:50.


12:30 PM : Arrive in Guayaquil. Buy our final lunch of bread and avocados. Cut the avocado with a empty pill packet (no knife, again!)

2:00 PM : Depart on bus to Lima.


6:00 PM : Cross the border into Peru. Enjoy our first of three onboard meals.


November 9th, 7:30 AM : Wake up somewhere on the Panamerican Highway, enroute to Lima.

6:30 PM : Arrive in Lima. Catch rush hour, stuffed metrobus to hostel.

November 10th, 7:00 AM : Wake up in Lima, Peru. Eat big, free hostel breakfast. Overpay for taxi to airport. Leave lunch intended for airplane and purchased with last 3 soles on dresser in hostel.

12:00 PM : Acquire emergency Subway foot long (I mean 30 cm) in terminal. Depart on flight to Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA.


5:50 PM : Arrive in the United States.

6:25 PM : Clear customs (this must be a new record).  Rejoice in finding a landside Chilis in Terminal 3 for dinner.


10:30 PM : Go to sleep on the floor of airport.  Listen to construction and announcements all night.


November 11th, 4:40 AM : Wake up in Fort Lauderdale. Check in for flight. Clear security. Bemoan lack of sustenance.

7:00 AM : Depart on Flight to Baltimore, MD

9:30 AM : Arrive in Baltimore. Hop in car to Alina’s parents’ house.  Eat yummy breakfast that Pam brought for us!

11:00 AM: We have arrived.




Buses: 5 hrs + 28.5 hrs (back to back)

Flights: 5.5 + 2.5

Onboard meals: 3 on buses, 0 on flights (Spirit Airlines, you suck)

Movies watched: ~10

Total traveling time: 3 days, 3.5 hours (ok, ok, there’s a night at a hostel in there, but cut us some slack)

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