The Hairless Felines of Red Beach

While living in a van, Erik and I were lucky enough to hear back from a housesitting ad we had responded to. The host, a breeder, suggested that we drive out to meet her 10 Sphynx cats to see if we would be a good fit.

DSC03489WSo as not to alarm her, we did the best we could in a public bathroom, donned our finest clothes and parked our campervan way down the street. Our due diligence paid off and we apparently appeared less dingy than we felt, because we got the job.

DSC03469WWe can’t tell you how relieved we were to be set for the next three weeks, but caring for 10 cats is no walk in the park.

DSC03468WSphynx cats are particularly interesting and have been accurately described as, “part cat, part dog, part child and part monkey.” They’re incredibly playful, affectionate and curious so they require a decent amount of supervision and will get into anything that you leave lying around, Erik’s book and camera cord were victims the very first day.

DSC03525WThey also makes us laugh constantly with their antics and attention-seeking tricks. Their lack of fur encourages them to be very affectionate and seek out warm laps or their sleeping bags whenever they can; one of them even sleeps under the covers with us.

DSC03498WNeither of us had even ever seen one in real life and it’s amazing how quickly you get used to their appearance, making other cats look like the strange ones. It’s a strange phenomenon; they’re so ugly, they’re cute.

DSC03492WThey feel like a fuzzy peach to the touch and are incredibly warm as they have almost no fur to regulate their temperature. As oil builds up on their skin they need baths every week or so which we especially enjoyed.

Also, interestingly even with 10 cats around my allergies are almost non-existent. Erik is very excited that maybe there could be a cat in our future, albeit a hideous one.

DSC03502WWe were also taking care of three chickens that refused to lay eggs, and a very cute outside curly haired cat who had lost his tail.

We really lucked out with the house as well, it sits atop a hill and is 5 minutes walking to the beach which means that we have stunning views of the ocean through the back of the house which is almost completely glass and has a deck that runs the length of the house.

Here’s a 360 view:

Red Beach View

We’re a few minutes walk from a beautiful rocky beach which we tried to visit several times.

They also have a fantastic kitchen and a hot tub out on the deck with a view to die for.



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