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WETA Workshop!

I think we mentioned this before, but our host in Wellington works for WETA, the special effects shop that was made famous for its work on the Lord of the Rings films. There are two halves; WETA Digital focuses on CGI and animation, while WETA Workshop handles practical effects such …


Earth Shakes

On Friday morning our petsit became a bit more interesting. The house started to shake. I looked at Erik, Erik ran to a door threshold, and the puppy barked. Only after about 30 seconds did I realize that, no, I was not in Brussels where trams passed our apartment, and …


Intro to Couchsurfing

There’s this great community called Couchsurfing. Hosts post profiles offering up couches or beds in cities all around the world, and traveling “surfers” make requests to stay with people for a few days at a time for free. It’s a great way to visit new places very cheaply, meet people, …