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Climbing Cotopaxi

Erik has always had a fascination with mountaineering. When I picture climbing a mountain, I think about horrible snow storms, silent plodding for hours in the dark, gasping for breath and all the deaths that occur each year. For these reasons, when Erik brought up mountaineering in Peru, I mentioned …


A Day Hike to Laguna Churup

The first thing we did when arriving in Huaraz was to visit travel agencies to book the Santa Cruz trek, a spectacular 4-day hike through remote mountain valleys between towering white-capped peaks. But the next group wasn’t leaving for a few days, so we had some time to kill. Whatever …


Machu Picchu!

If you missed it, find out how we got here on Day 4 of our Salkantay Trek! Ok, here we are. After …


Salkantay Trek: Day 4

If you missed it: Day 3 of our Salkantay Trek! After enjoying our evening and having a very restful night, we were all …


Salkantay Trek: Day 3

If you missed it: Day 2 of our Salkantay Trek! The tents were not waterproof. I had a pretty bad night´s sleep trying …