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End of an Era

When Erik and I were packing for our adventure, laying everything out on my basement floor, adding things and removing items we could live without, many curious people came down to admire our handiwork or offer their opinion. Looking back, the single item that received the most attention, believe it …


Multi-Vitamin Irony

In our fastidious preparations for our grand trip, Erik and I tried to really take the preventative approach to getting sick and the proactive approach to staying healthy. One of the largest items in our portable pharmacy is a large ziplock bag of daily multivitamins. It’s not always the easiest …


And We’re Off!

After what seems like years of dreaming, little planning and a slight weather delay, today Erik and I board a plane with one-way service to Delhi, India. Carrying 30lbs of what each of us deem to be the bare essentials, expectations of minor disaster and a healthy mix of excitement …