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Pictures of Erik and Drinks

One of the best parts of being in northern Thailand has been all the great culinary experiences we’ve had. The variety is superb, and with a little hunting you can get a meal for about a dollar. It’s funny, we’ve actually established a three tier system for the restaurants. $1 …


Bamboo: Nature’s Multitool

Somewhere in my research I stumbled upon a sustainable organic farm that offered accommodation and occasional courses in relevant subjects. To complete our Pai experience Erik and I signed up for the weekly Bamboo Material Course towards the end of our stay. We were picked up in the center of …


Post of Pai

Pai is a popular northern resort town that attracts Thais from all over the country, especially during holiday periods which we had just missed. As a result the half mile wide village is primarily made up of guesthouses, restaurants and bars. Each night a smaller version of the walking street …