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Rockin’ Out at the Cherry Bar

When we walking around the laneways of Melbourne on our tour, our guide told us all sorts of interesting things about the city. One bit of insider information that he shared was the location of the famous Cherry Bar, on AC/DC lane. Appropriately situated, this rock bar hosts live music …


Weekend Getaway at St. Kilda

After some gray days, the clouds cleared and we deemed it the perfect opportunity to visit Melbourne’s beach-side suburb of St. Kilda. Located just outside of the city, St. Kilda has developed into a top holiday spot for escaping the city on the weekend. The streets are lined with cute …


Melbourne Street Art

As promised, we wanted to show off some of the amazing street art that can be found in Melbourne’s winding laneways. This stuff changes on an almost daily basis, so sadly these will all be gone soon, but there will just be new, equally interesting works in their place. Apparently, stenciling …