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Erik’s Half-Way Sur-Vey

1. What has been your favorite place and why? There are a ton of really memorable and amazing places, and going back through our pictures and posts, I kept saying “oh yeah, that was so cool!” But when I just sit back and think about our trip so far, the …


Cheese Making: An Exact Science

Before our host family left, they introduced us to Joe and Jude, their two dear friends who live on a sustainable, self-sufficient farm and teach two-day organic cheese making courses. We were sold, and quickly signed up for the next weekend’s workshop. When we received our confirmation email Jude asked …


Bamboo: Nature’s Multitool

Somewhere in my research I stumbled upon a sustainable organic farm that offered accommodation and occasional courses in relevant subjects. To complete our Pai experience Erik and I signed up for the weekly Bamboo Material Course towards the end of our stay. We were picked up in the center of …