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Yo Quiero Inca Wall

One of the really neat parts about being in Cusco with my mother was that every once in awhile she would remember something from 30 years ago, or comment on how much things had changed since she had been here last. One morning we were on a mission to find …


Seat of the Inca Empire

One of the coolest things about Cusco is its role as the capital of the Inca Empire. Great pains have been taken to preserve the Inca culture, the most evident of which are the Inca walls everywhere in the city integrated into new buildings. We learned a lot about Inca …


High and Mighty Cusco

Erik and I arrived in Cusco just the day before my mother was due to arrive, but even with little initial exploring we could tell that Cusco was an incredibly photogenic city. Set in a valley, the center of town is surrounded by beautiful mountains on all sides, and the …