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Seat of the Inca Empire

One of the coolest things about Cusco is its role as the capital of the Inca Empire. Great pains have been taken to preserve the Inca culture, the most evident of which are the Inca walls everywhere in the city integrated into new buildings. We learned a lot about Inca …


High and Mighty Cusco

Erik and I arrived in Cusco just the day before my mother was due to arrive, but even with little initial exploring we could tell that Cusco was an incredibly photogenic city. Set in a valley, the center of town is surrounded by beautiful mountains on all sides, and the …


The City of the North

So relieved were we to land a housesit just north of Auckland that we decided to forsake our luxurious campervan and McDonald’s parking lot for a few days of exploration in the city. We snagged a cheap(ish) hostel a short walk from the harborside and settled in to see what …


Melbourne Museums and Meat

There are an abundance of great museums in Melbourne, this we expected. What we didn’t anticipate was that many of the great …


Weekend Getaway at St. Kilda

After some gray days, the clouds cleared and we deemed it the perfect opportunity to visit Melbourne’s beach-side suburb of St. Kilda. …


Melbourne Street Art

As promised, we wanted to show off some of the amazing street art that can be found in Melbourne’s winding laneways. This …