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Chiang Mai


Pictures of Erik and Drinks

One of the best parts of being in northern Thailand has been all the great culinary experiences we’ve had. The variety is superb, and with a little hunting you can get a meal for about a dollar. It’s funny, we’ve actually established a three tier system for the restaurants. $1 …



This is what we hear blaring from pickup truck mounted speakers several times a day as we wander the sois (alleys) around our guesthouse in Chiang Mai. With three stadiums spread throughout the city, and some of the only legal gambling in Thailand, Muay Thai is a big deal around …


Street Vending at its Best

Some of the greatest things about pretty much any city outside of the US are the markets. What a concept to be able to walk daily  to a location where you can purchase fresh and locally grown food. But aside from just food, whenever I visit a new city, the markets are some of the …


Wat’s Wat in Chiang Mai

Over the course of the last few days, Erik and I have been wandering in and out of beautiful temples all over …


Meet Chiang Mai, Thailand

People always talk about finding “gems” when they discover a new restaurant tucked away down an alley or a store they never …


New Year’s in Chiang Mai

To bring in 2013 Erik and I were lucky enough to be in Chiang Mai, Thailand where the celebration centers around people …