Puno: The Rickety Gateway to Lake Titicaca

We finally decided to move on from Cusco! Our next stop was a visit to Lake Titicaca, and seeing as we didn’t have the time or money to do it via Bolivia, our port of call would be the Peruvian city of Puno.

After a surprisingly pleasant overnight bus on one of the cheaper carriers, we arrived at about 5 am, sat around till the sun rose, then dragged ourselves off to our hostel, Inka’s Rest. Things seemed grim as we walked along abandoned railway tracks and then up an alley to the front door. But appearances can be deceiving, and the interior was really charming and welcoming. Plus, they let us sign in right away so we had a well deserved nap!


Later that day we arranged our tour of the islands on Lake Titicaca, and then went for a short exploration of the city. It’s not really that impressive, having been pretty modernized over the past decades as a hub of regional and international trade routes. But the Plaza de Armas was pretty nice, playing host to the regional cathedral, blessed as a minor basilica by the Pope on his visit to the area in the 60s.


There were a few nice squares, and pedestrian streets, and some few examples of colorful colonial architecture remained.


I also took the opportunity to climb one of the hills overlooking the city, in order to get a view of Lake Titicaca from above. With that image in mind, we retired for the evening, ready for an early start the next day exploring the lake.


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