Monkeying Around in the Monkey Forest

One of the main attractions in Ubud is the appropriately named Monkey Forest. Located at the south end of town, it’s a rather magical place, filled with three separate temple areas, and swarming with crafty gray monkeys. The signs at the entrance warn visitors that the monkeys will steal pretty much anything not nailed down, and will basically assault you if you have any food. We were smart and left everything at the ticket booth, but saw several hapless people with monkeys clambering all over them, digging through their bags for food, and through their hair. Not the safest thing, especially as they’re known to carry rabies. We did get really close though and enjoyed watching their antics.

And Alina got some great shots of a baby and its mother.


DSC02349WI also managed to get too close to a hungry monkey that went for the camera.

DSC02341WAs for the temples and forest, they exude a real Indiana Jones vibe; everything covered in damp moss, with small stone bridges over streams cut deep into the rock, and vines and trees growing everywhere. The carvings depict various spirits, including some rather lewd gargoyles and witch demons.

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