Melbourne Museums and Meat

There are an abundance of great museums in Melbourne, this we expected. What we didn’t anticipate was that many of the great ones would have free admission. One of my favorites so far has been the National Gallery of Victoria. And although we seem to always go when the upstairs exhibits are closed, the first floor has plenty to explore. The front of the building greets you with a massive water wall, which hides behind it the central lobby and a life size buck made from heterogeneous glass balls. Somewhat bizarre, it suggests a cross between a horrible disease and Christmas.

DSC03145WBeyond the sickly, festive deer was a really interesting artistic installment that was nothing more than a shallow pool with slowly circulating water, filled with different sized bowls, boring right? Well, that’s what I thought until I sat down and couldn’t tear my eyes or ears away for five minutes. Have a look.

Museum Bowls

There was also a really unique exhibit where an artist had created images in series that were meant to show time lapse using photos of people with painted graphics in different locations. This was one of my favorites.

DSC03158WThere was also a really cool side atrium that had covered the ceiling with stained glass windows.

DSC03143WThe next stop was the Center for Australian Art over in Federation Square.

DSC03164WThe entire first floor was aboriginal art which I must say involved “tons of dots” as we were warned by our housesitting hosts. There was also a very interesting exhibit on the top floor which put the style of the 80s on display. Oh boy.

DSC03162WContinually, one of our favorite features of the city is the multitude of small laneways turned hip meeting spots.

DSC03165WWe found a helpful laneways walking tour pamphlet in the tourist information office, but I think Erik had some slight troubles with the directions.

DSC03168WNext on the list was the Australian Center for the Moving Image. While the Hollywood costumes exhibit was a little dear the main interactive displays were all free.

DSC03205WWe learned about famous Australian actors and producers as well as a lot about the technology and how it has evolved over time. We even tested our own talent in a little clip. It’s just a matter of time before the big names in film start calling.


To round out the evening we had a great view of the skyline on our way to dinner, including the spire on top of the Gallery.

DSC03170WThanks to the power of the Internet we were able to track down a quirky local bar that had a Tuesday Burger Night Special. Obviously we both ordered the Roo Burger (kangaroo) and a local brew.

DSC03173WIt was hard to tell with all of the toppings and veggies, but I didn’t think it tasted all that different, if maybe a little gamey.


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