Lamai: The Last Hurrah

Appropriately enough, we spent our last few days in Thailand on an island, on a beach. We found a great guesthouse towards the end of the beach about a 10 minute walk from the hustle and bustle of the main strip which was nice, although we did tend to walk into town as the ocean by us was invaded by seaweed from a nearby river outlet. The town itself was fairly touristy, but I have to say that it grew on me.

DSC01688WThe guesthouse had a great restaurant that had tables that went right up to the surf, as you can imagine it was a wonderful place to have breakfast in the morning, complete with sea breeze and calming waves. The beach wasn’t nearly as beautiful as those that we had seen in Tonsai and Railay, but we weren’t complaining.

DSC01693WErik and I spent out afternoons reading on the beach and jumping through the waves, which had been lacking on the beaches we have been to thus far. We went walking often and although the beach was east facing, the colors were beautiful at dusk and we were also able to see some pretty impressive storms moving in as well.

DSC01690WThere were supposed to be some famous rocks that very closely resembled the male and female reproductive organs, but I don’t think we found them. Soon everything starting looking like one thing or another.

DSC01691WFor Valentine’s Day we had a wonderful seaside breakfast and ventured into town in the evening.

DSC01697WWe had been eating at the very economical night market which was more like a night bazaar as the food stands lined up against girly bars that centered around beautiful Thai women dancing on poles in lingerie. We thought that we might try something slightly more romantic for the holiday, but we did pass the market and all of the girls were festively dressed up in pink and red to celebrate.

We decided on a Swiss restaurant, almost entirely because we couldn’t decide and it shared Erik’s name, where we enjoyed a break from Thai food and indulged in the ever-expensive western pizza and hamburger. It’s amazing what becomes a luxury when you’re traveling!

DSC01701WLuckily, on our last day we caught a glimpse of some Chinese New Year festivities that culminated outside of a temple near our guesthouse.

DSC01705WWe made a startling discovery that as the parade passed each business would set off its own string of fireworks.

DSC01707WMy favorite attraction were the dragons although their bearers must have been incredibly hot.

DSC01708WEspecially so when we saw the same boys on the other side of town several hours later still parading around the street!

DSC01710WWe somewhat regretfully boarded the late afternoon ferry and said goodbye to Koh Samui.

DSC01713WOur ferry would take us to the mainland to catch a bus to the train station where we would wait for our 1:30am train to Malaysia.



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