Krabi: a Stopover with Charm

Like most travelers, Erik and I visited Krabi with the main purpose of using it as a gateway to Thailand’s western beaches. We ended up staying for several days however, and were given the opportunity to see what this small town had to offer beyond its convenient location and the monkeys that hold up the traffic lights.

DSC01618WWe found a cheap guest house that worked out really well other than the fact that it had no power outlets in the rooms and no wifi in the reception/café area so we were constantly switching between having power and internet. We also encountered some of Thailand’s wildlife in the form of its very vocal geckos. This species in particular makes a very loud matting call which sounds a lot like “GEC-ko, GEC-ko.” I believe that Erik discovered what it was after searching the web for “Thailand duck noise.”

DSC01632WI wouldn’t say that Krabi has many tourist sites, but it does have a very lovely temple sitting on a hill above the town. I decided not to enter as I had forgotten to cover my shoulders that day, but Erik described a beautiful and very different mural inside.

DSC01634WWe also got up very early one morning to go and rub elbows with the locals at what is described as the one of largest covered markets in Southeast Asia.

DSC01623WWe tried a typical Thai breakfast of rice porridge in which you mix egg, pork rind, vegetables, sausage and possibly fried anchovies. It was very interesting, but I think so early in the morning I prefer the sweet coconut version we tried in Tonsai to this more savory variation.

DSC01619WOur rest days in Krabi also overlapped with the first day of the Chinese New Year on February 10th. We learned very quickly that the celebrations started very early as we were jolted awake by firecrackers that started around 8:30am. All throughout the day homes and businesses would string up their own explosives and set them loose. A very startling event if you didn’t know it was coming. On eve of the first day locals also had large family dinners, thoroughly cleaned their homes, and opened all of their doors and windows around midnight to release everything bad from the last year to start the next one fresh.

DSC01630WAs the new year fell on a weekend it was also time for the Krabi walking street which was actually more like a walking square.

DSC01640WCraft and food vendors spread out all around a central square that was packed with tables and chairs in front of a stage. We grabbed some food and somehow found a table to enjoy some local entertainment. Here’s a taste!

Krabi Walking Street

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