Koutu Boulders

If you look in any New Zealand guidebook you will see a picture of the famous spherical boulders that have been created in several places on the country’s coasts. When I found one of such pictures, I decided that we had to find them. After a little research, we discovered that the well-known location was quite far from where we were planning on travelling, but thanks to Erik’s digging and another amazing Wikitravel page, he uncovered a site well within driving distance.

DSC03247WWe found the beach without any trouble, despite the directions taking us down local streets and using groups of pine trees as landmarks.

DSC03251W The sign at the entrance declared them to be the Koutu Boulders and sure enough after a five minute walk along the beach we began to see the first clusters of these amazing rocks.

DSC03242WSome of them were almost perfectly spherical and the cracks along them made them look like ancient dragon eggs or something of the like. As we continued down the beach the boulders got larger and larger.

DSC03243WThey were also set against a stunning backdrop, as is New Zealand’s way, of brilliant blue water and bright green islands.

DSC03249WWe had a great time posing with the rocks.

On our walk back, we crossed paths with a fellow pet sitter from Iowa who currently had her hands full with 4 small dogs. Apparently, she works abroad and gets ample time off, but she can only be back in the US for 31 days of the year if she doesn’t want to pay US income taxes, so she was biding her time until she could make a trip back before she had to resume work in September.

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