Here We Go Again On Our Own

In the end, we decided that continuing our trip was the right thing to do, and so here we are, back on the road, in Peru.

We flew down here on Spirit Airlines, and even though everyone seems to hate them, they are in fact half the price of any other method of getting to Lima from the United States. I think as long as you know what you’re getting in to (have to buy water, tight seats, etc.), it’s not that bad of a flight. The two hour long line at immigration was certainly more wearing on our nerves, especially at midnight after a full day of travel.

We eventually made it through, though our border control agent was literally falling asleep while processing our passports. I hope he didn’t screw anything up! We haggled our way into a reliable taxi (no kidnappers in the trunk in this one!) and headed off to the trendy district of Miraflores.

Alina was very impressive, bantering with the driver in Spanish for the whole 45 minute ride. We finally checked into our hostel, and I took a quick refreshing shower while Alina promptly passed out in her bunk. I’d felt a little apprehensive the whole day, not sure if I was ready to travel again or be away from home, but being back in the familiar surroundings of the traveler, I feel great, and I know this is exactly what my dad would have wanted us to do. So, here we go!

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