End of an Era

When Erik and I were packing for our adventure, laying everything out on my basement floor, adding things and removing items we could live without, many curious people came down to admire our handiwork or offer their opinion. Looking back, the single item that received the most attention, believe it or not, was our shampoo. But we don’t just use any shampoo. We use Lush solid shampoo; a small cylindrical bar that fits neatly into a lightweight tin. We chose this course because the thought of lugging around heavy shampoo bottles that would explode in our luggage and need to be replaced every two weeks was terrifying.

“how long will it last?”

The question on everyone’s lips. The results are in, and our Lush bar lasted exactly 4 months and 12 days for two people! If you’re not impressed, your life lacks passion. OK,  to be fair we didn’t both wash our hair every day, ahem, sometimes far from it. However, sometimes in a pinch I even used it as shampoo and soap, so I think it evens out.

“Does it work?”

DSC02625WOverall, I think we were both very pleased with our locks. Please note, however that one’s tolerance for less than silky hair and split ends dramatically increases as a function of time spent traveling. I was particularly impressed with how much lather that little bar could produce, and even with my ever-lengthening hair, the bar had no problem producing enough suds to get me clean. Will I use bar shampoo for the rest of my life? No, there’s definitely something to be said for yummy smelling, cream shampoo, not to mention conditioner, but Erik and I were so enamored of our lightweight and long lasting solution that we sought out a Lush store in Singapore and bought another bar for the next four and a half months!


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