Emptying the Rainy Day Jar: Valentine’s Day at the Jungle Club

While we were house-sitting up north in Chiang Mai, one of Alina’s friends from high school was making the rounds of the beaches and islands down south. Sadly, we never managed to cross paths, but he did let us know about one of the real gems, the Jungle Club on Koh Samui. We looked into it, and it sounded amazing; a secluded nest of bungalows situated on the mountain overlooking the beaches on one of Thailand’s most famous resort islands. It would be a bit pricey, but sticking to the adage that experiences far outweigh material things, I offered Alina a three day getaway there as her birthday present. As an added bonus, we’d be there over Valentine’s day. Well, that was the plan at least. Turns out, other people had the same idea, and it was booked solid surrounding V-day itself, but we got up there for the few days prior.

After hopping on the ferry from the mainland to Koh Samui grabbing a songthaew from the pier to the other side of the island, we called up Jungle Club for a ride up to the resort. Since it’s located at the top of a VERY steep road, only the big 4×4 trucks owned by the resort will make the trips. No taxis. So we hung out on the side of the road for a bit until we were collected. The trip up the hill was certainly steep; I had to hang on tight both to the roll bar and to my bags to keep everything in the truck bed. But once we got to the top, it was worth the ride. The resort is really spectacular.

Situated at the crest of the hill, the building looks out over the ocean and the town of Chaweng far below. Verandas, couches, and tables have all been thoughtfully laid out so guests can relax and enjoy the views as well as the cooling sea breezes blowing from the east.


The bungalows are all situated a bit back, past a lawn dotted with beautiful palm trees. After checking in, we were shown to our home for the next few days and were suitably impressed.


Even having booked the most economical option, things were really great. Bamboo thatched walls, a porch with lounge chairs, and a huge, comfy bed with mosquito netting.



We even had a spacious open air bathroom, with stone tiled shower and shampoo and conditioner, which Alina loved. “I feel like a lady!”


The fancier bungalows looked like they were quite a bit more opulent, but I think we were both really happy with what we had, and we enjoyed our little bungalow immensely the whole time we were there.


One other part of the resort which really stuck out was the infinity pool overlooking the beach. You could jump in and swim right up to the edge with water cascading over the side and look out over the ocean. All in all, it was an incredibly scenic, not to mention romantic, location.


After we’d settled in a relaxed for the afternoon, we strolled over to the restaurant for dinner, and picked some amazing seats out on the deck overlooking the city, lit up at night. The table was low, and we sat around it on cushions on the floor, enjoying delicious Thai food accompanied by a pot of tea. The combination of the slightly chilly breeze coming off the ocean, the twinkling lights from the city below, and the ambiance of the location itself made for a truly special experience. Luckily, we would get to have this same feeling several more times over the coming days.


The next morning, we woke up rather late, having enjoyed sleeping in after several recent days of early morning traveling. We headed to the main building again, and this time chose a small veranda hut jutting out over the hillside.


After spending the morning snacking on fresh fruit and coffee while reading our books, we switched locales to the pool for some sunning and relaxing. A little dog decided to join us, and he really got a kick out of playing in the water and being the center of attention.  We met him again a little later.


On our second day, we were once again planning to relax out by the pool, but during our huge breakfast of toast, eggs  fruit, yogurt, and muesli, the sky opened up, and it began to pour. I think was actually the first time we’ve seen rain of any kind since starting our trip over three months ago, and it was substantial. The sky just seemed to open up, and it was fun to watch all the staff scurrying around like ants trying to bring cushions and lounge chairs under cover and batten things down in general.


So, what did we do?  Well, we just retired to our nicely covered porch and reclined on our deck chairs and read books with snacks for an hour or so till things cleared up. So nice and relaxing, it was really a treat.

Sadly, after three days, we had to depart, and head down to the shore for some time on the beach. We had a great time unwinding while we were up there though.  I’d love to return one day, maybe next time with a rather higher budget, both so we could stay longer and so we could indulge more in the culinary and drink offerings.

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