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Baños Town

After our Cotopaxi climb we took some time to relax and explore in Baños. It’s a relatively small town with a beautiful center plaza and all the restaurants and bars required for a good vacation spot. The town was significantly busy on the weekend, but it really quieted down during …


Climbing Cotopaxi

Erik has always had a fascination with mountaineering. When I picture climbing a mountain, I think about horrible snow storms, silent plodding for hours in the dark, gasping for breath and all the deaths that occur each year. For these reasons, when Erik brought up mountaineering in Peru, I mentioned …


Yo Quiero Inca Wall

One of the really neat parts about being in Cusco with my mother was that every once in awhile she would remember …


A Salty Treat

Feeling pretty comfortable with the combi system we decided to visit the salt pans at Salineras de Maras, near Chinchero. I think …