And We’re Off!

After what seems like years of dreaming, little planning and a slight weather delay, today Erik and I board a plane with one-way service to Delhi, India. Carrying 30lbs of what each of us deem to be the bare essentials, expectations of minor disaster and a healthy mix of excitement and trepidation we’re off on an X month journey from Asia to home, somehow. Luckily, the past three years have been a great exercise in learning to live happily with less, and this past summer we were able to pare down further while backpacking through the UK.

We thought it might be amusing to document a brief outline of our plans, if only for the purpose of later comparison with reality. So, here goes:

  •  Three weeks trekking the Himalaya in Nepal
  •  One week in northern India exploring Delhi and the surroundings with Erik’s Indian colleague from Brussels
  •  Two weeks in Cambodia including a half marathon through Angkor Wat to benefit landmine victims
  •  Two weeks to two months in Thailand including a housesit in Chiang Mai over Christmas
  •  Some combination of Malaysia, Vietnam and Laos for about a month
  •  One or Two months in Australia and/or New Zealand including visits with Alina’s good friend from high school and her college roommate
  •  Spending all of our savings on plane tickets to the tip of South America, maybe stopping on Easter Island on the way?
  •  Slowly working our way up to Central America making sure to visit Patagonia in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador.
  •  At least one month in Central America, hopefully with ample time in Costa Rica.
  •  Finally stopping in Mexico before returning to the good ole’ US of A.

So, we’ll see how that goes.

One of our many goals for this trip is to stay connected with our families and friends, so please write and comment often. You can also either enter your email address to get messages when we update the blog, or subscribe via RSS. Both are in the right hand sidebar.

Thanks for all of your support, happy trails!


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