An Authentic Local Experience

We were out on the town, having a great dinner at a new restaurant, when we randomly spotted and poster for a pool party the next day at the local swimming hole. How do you pass up the chance to sit around in the sun, eat BBQ, and drink beer with 100 of your closest 18-20 year old westerner friends? We simply couldn’t resist.

DSC01171WThe pool was really nice, with a great sunny grassy area to lounge around on. DJs were on hand, pumping out techno and the weather was perfect for the pool; cloudless, sunny, and hot.

DSC01173WWe got vouchers with our entry fee, and promptly exchanged them for the biggest meal we’ve had since coming to Thailand. Huge salads, mountains of bread and butter, grilled corn, potatoes, pork, and beef. It was delicious, and well worth the price of admission alone. We opted to pass on the highly overpriced alcohol, but had a great time people watching and relaxing in the sun with our books.

DSC01169WWhen we finally got around to going for a swim, we were a bit shocked at how cold the water was. Very different from the tropical waters of southern Cambodia, for sure. I for one will be happy to get back to warm oceans when we hit the beaches of the peninsula in a few weeks. But it was certainly refreshing, and a great way to cool off in the heat of the day.

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