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August 2013


The City of the North

So relieved were we to land a housesit just north of Auckland that we decided to forsake our luxurious campervan and McDonald’s parking lot for a few days of exploration in the city. We snagged a cheap(ish) hostel a short walk from the harborside and settled in to see what …


Housesitting Horror

Upon arriving in Tauranga on Thursday we were wary but hopeful that our upcoming six week housesit would work out fine despite the fact that communications had been erratic and strained from the get-go. Most emails contained some form of our hosts asking us to confirm 100% that we were …


WETA Workshop!

I think we mentioned this before, but our host in Wellington works for WETA, the special effects shop that was made famous for its work on the Lord of the Rings films. There are two halves; WETA Digital focuses on CGI and animation, while WETA Workshop handles practical effects such …