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July 2013


Earth Shakes

On Friday morning our petsit became a bit more interesting. The house started to shake. I looked at Erik, Erik ran to a door threshold, and the puppy barked. Only after about 30 seconds did I realize that, no, I was not in Brussels where trams passed our apartment, and …


Intro to Couchsurfing

There’s this great community called Couchsurfing. Hosts post profiles offering up couches or beds in cities all around the world, and traveling “surfers” make requests to stay with people for a few days at a time for free. It’s a great way to visit new places very cheaply, meet people, …


The Untouched Beach

Erik and I were hoping for one last sunny beach before we headed south to Wellington where we knew it would be much chillier and we somehow stumbled on an anomaly. We came up with a few theories, but the most likely are that we came at low tide which …


Whangarei Heads Hike

Due to the multitude of local activities, free overnight parking at the Info Site and incredible surroundings, we decided to stay put and explore Whangarei for a few days. Thanks to the new and very strict Freedom Camping Law that was passed in 2011, it was more difficult that we …


Koutu Boulders

If you look in any New Zealand guidebook you will see a picture of the famous spherical boulders that have been created …


The Northernmost Point

While we have two great housesits lined up in New Zealand, we had a week to kill between arriving in Auckland and …


Erik’s Half-Way Sur-Vey

1. What has been your favorite place and why? There are a ton of really memorable and amazing places, and going back …