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December 2012


A Day in the Life of a Mooban

For these two weeks Erik and I have landed a wonderful housesitting assignment. We are caring for a very energetic and unbelievably affectionate 4-year old pitbull named Stewie, and an aloof but very vocal tiny tabby named Fergi. And luckily for us they get along famously, which results in many …

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Only Two Buses, Right?

After a lovely three weeks in Cambodia, it was time to move on to Thailand, making our way to Chiang Mai for the housesitting gig we had arranged. But that was a few days away yet. For the moment, the task was to get from Sihanoukville, Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand …


New Features!

We just wanted to announce that we’ve added some new features to the website! The Road So Far (top bar under Round …


Multi-Vitamin Irony

In our fastidious preparations for our grand trip, Erik and I tried to really take the preventative approach to getting sick and …